Vitaly Mzokov is Head of the Innovation Hub at Kaspersky, responsible for developing and maintaining the innovations management processes that foster collaboration between the company and brilliant minds – both internally and externally. Vitaly and his team help nurture break-through projects and are focused on identifying new trends, discovering new markets, scouting for best-in-class startups and building technological alliances. These are then integrated into the company’s business strategy to create a win-win experience for everyone. This work is essential as it allows Kaspersky to carry out efficient business models.

Prior to this role, Vitaly was Head of Verification at Kaspersky’s Growth Center, where he worked on development of the company’s new products and services. He was also responsible for business modeling and the launch of several new projects that involve emerging technologies, like blockchain.
Having joined Kaspersky in 2014 as Global Presales Manager, it only took Vitaly one year to be promoted to Solution Business Lead. In that role, Vitaly managed the Hybrid Cloud Security solution, demonstrating two-digit growth for this area of the business over two-and-a-half years.

Before joining Kaspersky, Vitaly worked in a privately held information technology company as the network professional in VoIP, virtual and private data centers, disaster recovery, design and overall operations management.

Vitaly graduated from the Tyumen State University in Tyumen, Russia, with a degree in mathematics and computer science