Sam Kogan, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Kogan’s more than 35 years of extensive experience in research & development and innovation. As the CEO of professional service company Gen5 Group Dr. Kogan plays a key role to his success in leading the firm’s strategy and operation.  He also manages companies biggest ($MMs/year) accounts and brings new ideas to existing markets and opens new markets.


Dr. Kogan has an extensive experience in working with VC community and startup companies. He has been a strategic adviser to a number of VC and PE funds, including Northwater Capital, Launch Capital, GEN3 Capital, Lakebridge Capital, Elliott Group etc. He is a co-founder, member of the BOD and a CEO of Powermers Inc, an energy storage development company; a member of the Advisory Board of the MTPV Inc. and RedWave Inc. companies that developing solution for converting waste heat to electricity; LiquidPiston Inc. developing advanced rotary engines. Dr. Kogan payed instrumental role in starting a number of companies including publicly traded Airgain Inc



Dr. Kogan remains an integral part of the education community and gives regular lectures at Harvard Business School, Stern Business School at NYU, and Fuqua Business School at Duke University. He is currently an Affiliated Researcher at Laboratory of Innovation Science at Harvard (LISH).


Dr. Kogan is known as a thought leader and renowned speaker in the areas of Systematic innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Development. Dr. Kogan frequently speaks at leading innovation conferences around the world, with an emphasis on Globalization of R&D, Emerging Markets and Technologies, Management of R&D and Innovation, Sustainability, Clean Energy and Energy storage topics.

Before co-founding Gen5 Group, he was a CEO of GEN3 Partners and a COO and co-founder of Pragmatic Vision International. In addition to overseeing the firm’s operations, he also helped develop client management strategies in the U.S., Europe and the Pacific Rim. Prior to Pragmatic Vision, he was the Director of Innovation Consulting Services at Invention Machine Corp. and was holding senior positions and led research programs with the R&D organization at  ICI and Plastpolymer Corp.

Dr. Kogan has a Ph.D. in material science from the Institute of Macromolecular Science, Leningrad, Russia and an M.S. cum laude in applied physics from Polytechnic University in Leningrad.


Dr. Kogan played a key role in the development of Gen5 Group Innovation Methodology and continues to apply his expertise to the ongoing refinement and enhancement of the methodology tools. His work has been adopted by leading global companies such as GE, Intel, Siemens, Proctor & Gamble, Novartis, Honda, Motorola, Colgate Palmolive, Owens Illinois, Church & Dwight, Clorox and other leading companies

Dr. Kogan is the author of more than 60 articles and more than 20 patents. He is also a certified TRIZ and Master Black Belt Six-Sigma specialist.