Piergiorgio has been involved in innovation, management and digital activities for years: his personal and professional interests are agility methodology & lean, innovation management, design thinking, social media, digital communication, sw development, enterprise architectures, integration systems, big data, open data.

He has a long experience in managing innovative products and services, complex projects and ICT departments mixing heterogeneous technologies and processes, team leading, innovation, design, strategy and business definition skills.
Piergiorgio is active both in the Corporate and in the Startup ecosystem.

He is serving as Chief Innovation Officer at Credem Group after an exiting experience as Chief Information and Digital Transformation Officer at Ducati, a long experience in Ferrari F1 and Iconsulting where he cofounded indyco and Better Decisions.
He is also cofounder of ImpactHub Reggio Emilia, Board Memeber at Credem Tel and involved in serveral innovation related initiatives.
Piergiorgo likes to coach and teach this mix of knowledge plus he is  an advocate of the good use of the Information Systems. He is  a frequent speaker in events, conferences and he is  lectured to various University Courses and Masters both in Italy and Abroad.