Marco Gazzino is Head of Innovation and Product Lab at Enel X, Enel’s advanced energy services business line dedicated to new home, industry, urban and electric mobility solutions. Marco manages open innovation activities at Enel X and the Product Lab developing and testing new products and services.
Formerly, Marco was Head of Partnerships and Innovation Intelligence at Enel, reporting to the Group’s Chief Innovation Officer and managing a portfolio of over 130 innovation partnerships at global level. These spanned, amongst others, battery storage, electric mobility, energy services for smart agriculture, as well as supply chain partnerships supporting startups and SME co-innovation with Enel. Marco also promoted and setup from scratch and in a new market, a fully commercial initiative piloting Vehicle-to-Grid in Denmark, pioneering the use of electric vehicles to balance the power grid and remunerate the car owner.
He carried out market analyses continuously seeking new businesses widening Enel Group’s opportunities. He developed the innovation intelligence platform of Enel Group, utilized globally by 70.000 employees and providing single-sign-on and structured access to over 60 million documents, including patents, market insights and public funded projects
Marco joined Enel in 2007, where he specialized in establishing joint research projects co-funded by large industrial partners and public sources. The largest one was co-funded by 26 partners, in a consortium of leading utilities and manufacturers. Marco also led the project that redesigned Enel’s innovation portfolio for 2013 and 2014, introducing a quantitative link between innovation portfolio and Groups’ strategic plan.
Marco holds a Master on Corporate Innovation from ESADE Business School, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has been visiting scientist at MIT. He published more than 30 papers and has been invited lecturer at LUISS Business School, with lectures on innovation strategy held on 2013, 2016.