James joined Mastercard in 2014 and is Senior Vice-president and Global Lead for of Mastercard Labs as a Service – a specialist advisory services business focused on Product Innovation and Digital Transformation. James has over 30 years working as both a start-up entrepreneur and in senior executive roles in large multi-national corporations, with extensive implementation expertise across the spectrums of finance, technology, operations and marketing. Previous roles included :

• CEO Investor First – corporate venturing Company in the residential and technology market. Several start-ups therein in, including a fund management business which raised an institutional fund in 2008, right in the middle of the global down-turn.

• COO Business Payments in Orbiscom where James designed a Business Payments Platform which subsequently morphed to become the MasterCard global InControl platform, which today is a multi billion dollar transaction engine.

• European Marketing Director with Modus Link International, a multinational software services firm where James had responsibility for leading the global strategy team as well as international / product marketing and product development.

• CEO Venturise : a corporate venturing and consulting services business focused on real estate funds management and technology investment as well as venture start-up and management.

• James has a deep experience and practical understanding of digital transformation and corporate innovation. Mastercard ‘Labs as a Service’ is effectively an internal venture from a ground zero start-up in 2015 into a global business unit with teams in 14 different cities around the world and a growing reputation with customers for product innovation and digital delivery excellence. James previously founded several successful start-ups including a funds management business which he successfully exited in 2013. James is a Chartered Management / Certified Public Accountant and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University College Cork, Ireland.