Alper Celen is the founder of ENHANCE, a venture builder specializing in online vertical marketplaces that improve lifestyles in the Middle East and Africa. ENHANCE wholly owns, the leading online gifting platform in the Middle East. As an angel investor, Alper’s portfolio includes VERITY DECISION ANALYTICS, the preferred Experian (LON: EXPN) partner in the Middle East; COMMIT DEVICE PROTECTION, the leader in smartphone insurance and repair in the Middle East,, a VOD service for independent cinema; and, a crowd-testing platform for mobile apps. Alper was also the founder of online food ordering service in Saudi Arabia (acquired by DeliveryHero in 2015).

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Alper was part of McKinsey & Company’s Scandinavian Office leadership where he focused in telecom strategy and organization practices. Previously, Alper has had leadership roles at Nokia, Ansys, IBM, and NASA subcontractor Millitech. Three satellites he helped design are still in Earth orbit.