November 9-10, 2021 | On Hopin!

Corporate Entrepreneurship is GELLIFY’s annual flagship event which gathers best-in-class speakers from across the world to talk about innovation.

Our topics range from corporate venturing, to company building, to start-up valuation, to digital transformation and so much more… Come this year to find out how to innovate faster, leaner, and more economically with the latest tech startups and corporate venturing opportunities.

Does your company have the innovation strategy to thrive in the new normal?

Discover the topics and recordings from the 2020 event below!




New Business Building: How to Create New Ventures with Lasting Benefits



FOUNDATION- How to Foster Intrapreneurship as a Foundation for Corporate Entrepreneurship

TOPIC DEEP DIVE: How to Launch and Finance New Ventures
with Lasting Benefits


There were 53 billion euros invested in CVC in 2018 alone. Two years later, and that figure is only rising (CB Insights). Executives see it as a one of the main mechanisms to build new businesses according to their unique corporate strategies, used alongside M&A, R&D, corporate accelerators, and other strategies.


M&A was once known as the tool to expand existing businesses by creating inorganic growth. However, M&A is limited in terms of the scope of material opportunities it can attract. It also carries the risk of mission drift and not delivering value to the core business.


As the practice of innovation management proliferates worldwide, leaders are combining internal business ideas with the fast pace and efficacy of the start-up world. Getting this right-  without creating chaos – entails first and foremost fostering a culture of entrepreneurship.


It means providing opportunities for employees to pursue new ideas and putting processes in place for harvesting, funding, and launching new ventures.


During the session, we were able to:


– Explore the frameworks for making internal entrepreneurship initiatives a success

– Discuss real-life examples of new venture / NewCo building

– Hear about the challenges and best practices of building NewCo’s in established companies



DAY 2:





How to Innovate for the Future by Using Corporate Venturing Models



FOUNDATION: A User Guide to Corporate Venturing and Open Innovation

  TOPIC DEEP DIVE:  How Corporate Venturing can Lead Mature Companies to Fail or Prosper into 2040


Are you making the most out of Open Innovation?


Any business that embraces the power of open innovation carries risks like uncommitted partners, unforeseen changes in the business context, and other threats that could deal a deadly blow to the collaboration.


With the advent of digital technologies, all industries are shifting faster than ever, resulting in increased volatility, complexity, and ambiguity amongst value chain relationships and market forces. Corporate venturing enables companies to profit from the waves of technical change and to bring lasting benefits to their organizations. It is emerging as a powerful tool for uniting technological, business, and financial interests, invoking strong commitment from all parties – typically, startups and corporates, but increasingly between corporates in the form of new joint ventures.


During this session we were able to:


– Review the basics of corporate venturing in the broader OI context

– Study recent literature from IESE Business School regarding corporate venturing

– Help companies understand how to setup and improve their venturing wings

– Show how venturing arms can be one of the keys to adapting their current businesses to their future core businesses – always staying relevant

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