In a world full of supertankers, be a speedboat. Young, agile and bringing forth the rush of exciting opportunities, Corporate Venturing can be rewarding for legacy brands, or at least that’s what GELLIFY’s new report has to say. Only if you think and act like startups, you can achieve results like startups and so they need to be co-opted into the fabric of any corporate structure.Get to know the 4 W’s of Corporate Venturing, industry insights, expert interviews and what’s the latest in the corporate innovation landscape.

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The 4 W’s of Corporate Venturing

In an age of environmental, social, and business disruption, corporations need to find a way to innovate outside the box. We believe change will come from a generation of entrepreneurs who will create a virtuous cycle of young talent, digital economies, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. In the Video Series accompanying the report, “The 4 W’s of Corporate Venturing”, 21 experts representing 18 European and Middle Eastern companies share their journeys to achieving financial and social sustainability through startup collaborations and new venture building. You won’t want to miss what they have to say.


Find “positive contamination” through Corporate Venturing

Episode 1:

 Matteo Cattaneo, Chief Digital Innovation Officer @Reale Group

Agile takeoff supports B.U.’s and embrace experimentation

Episode 2: 

Kai Ling Ting,Innovation Lead @Etihad Aviation Group

Corporate Venturing starts with relationships

Episode 3:

Ussama Dahabiyeh and Mohamed Al Qubaisi, CEO & CTO @Injazat

Mobility reaches a new horizon with venturing

Episode 4:

Rafel Fernandez Garcia, Innovation & Processes Director @Ferrovial

Internal R&D is not enough. Call on local entrepreneurs!

Episode 5:

Augustìn Moro, Global Head of Strategic Partnership @Telefonica: Wayra

Corporate Venture Capital: The efficient way to innovate

Episode 6: 

Ivan Feito, Corporate Develpment & Venture Capital Manager @Prosegur 

Venturing for Good: Working with Startups for More Sustainability

Episode 7:

Marta Gil del la Hoz, Director of Strategy & Innovation @Sacyr 

How startups are shaking up regulated energy companies

Episode 8:

Alejandro Sánchez Alarcón, Innovation & Transformation @Naturgy 

Good things take time: KPI’s for new ventures & CVC

Episode 9:

Carmen del Campo Elvira, Chief Innovation Officer @Mutua Madrileña

Get on a speedboat and start your venture capital adventure.

Episode 10:

Juan Jiménez Zaballos, Head of Financial Industry Transformation @Santander

You won’t find innovators in a roadmap; they need a push.

Episode 11:

Juan Benavente Blanco, Head of Digital Ventures and Partnership @Cespa

Corporate Venture Capital drives the energy transition

Episode 12:

Silvia Bruno De La Cruz, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer @Red Eléctrica – ElewitPresented  Officer

How innovative startups saved law firms during the pandemic

Episode 13:

Francesc Muñoz, Chief Innovation Officer @Cuatrecasas

The connection between Venturing and corporate culture

Episode 14:

 Francesca Paludetti and Fabrizio Salvucci, Head of M&A and Chief Innovation Officer @Sapio

How to spread innovation beyond HQ’s doorstep

Episode 15:

Wolfgang Sachsenhofer, PhD Head of Strategic Venture Capital @AXA 

Venturing to increase your know-how in the Food Sector.

Episode 16:

Roberto Limentani and Artur Arqués, CEO and General Director @Camst International

Building solid innovation with startups in the construction sector

Episode 17:

Gonzalo Galindo, Head of Cemex Ventures @Cemex

Venturing to improve Customer Experience

Episode 18:

 Alberto Galaso, Chief of Energy and New Business Officer @MASMOVIL 

Final takeaways

Insights from Intrapreneurs

Making innovation successful beyond the core

Presented by Alceo Rapagna, CEO Italy & Global Strategy Officer at Startupbootcamp, Innoleaps, The Talent Institute

The Do’s & Don’ts of Corporate Venture Capital

Presented by Fabio Lancellotti, Partner at Aster Capital

Finding a Good Venture Fit: The Importance of the Human Element!

Presented by Rossana Pezone, Head of M&A at TeamSystem

Finding a Good Venture Fit: The Importance of the Human Element!

Presented by Valeria Scargetta, Managing Director at NUO

Generali’s Approach to Working With Startups

Presented by Angelo Di Rocco, Group Business Development & Partnerships Manager at Generali

Who Should you choose to lead and partner with your venturing unit?

Presented by Piergiorgio Grossi, Chief Innovation Officer at Credem

How Manufacturing Companies can Boost Results with Corporate Venturing

Presented by Francesco Ferri, Founder at Innext

Venturing Essentials

Presented by Michele Giordani, Managing Partner at GELLIFY

Creating a Win-Win for Startups through CVC

Presented by Gil Beyda, Managing Director at Comcast Ventures

What are the benefits and risks of working with startups

Presented by Francesc Muñoz, Chief Information Officer at Cuatrecasas

A bright new world thanks to digital know-how

Presented by Fabio Vaccarono, Managing Director at Google Italy

4 Principles for Creating Digital NewCo’s

Presented by Michela Bambara, Global Chief Digital & Information Officer @Falck Renewables

From F***-Up to Corp-Up – How we tried fast, failed fast and learned fast

Presented by Samyr Mezzour, Chief Innovation Officer, Co-Founder at HITS – House of Insurtech Switzerland

7 Rookie Mistakes in Corporate Venture Capital

Presented by Louise Piednoir, Partner at Aster Fab

The Keys to Setting Up a Successful Internal Fund

Presented by Emanuele Colonnella, Innovation Activation Manager at Generali

From F***-Up to Corp-Up – How we tried fast, failed fast and learned fast

Presented by Samyr Mezzour, Chief Innovation Officer, Co-Founder at HITS – House of Insurtech Switzerland

The Key Success Factors for Collaborating With Startups

Presented by Sebastian Peck, Managing Director at InMotion Ventures

How to Get an Elephant to Dance

Presented by Stefano Fumi, CEO & Founder at NeN

Fiscal Perspectives in M&A and Restructuring

Presented by Nathalie Brazzelli, Partner at Studio Pirola, Pennuto, Zei & Associati

Corporate Venturing to Grow and Expand the Business

Presented by Daryush Arabnia, CEO at Geico Taikisha

How Kaspersky Unlocks Business Value with Corporate Venturing

Presented by Vitaly Mzokov, Head of Innovation at Kaspersky iHub

CVC and Private Investors: What are the benefits?

Presented by Federico Dettori, Partner at GOP


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